The project “IRENE – Increase the empowerment of adults and migrants with specific learning disorders” uses virtual technologies and realities to try help adults learn a foreign language. Partners from seven European countries (Austria, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands and Spain) are collaborating to develop and test an innovative methodology and create an E-learning multilingual interactive platform at a transnational level.
The project’s cohort are adults between 18 and 35 years old who experience learning difficulties and are therefore discouraged to learn a foreign language. The project will support these adults undertaking a ‘second opportunity’ to learn outside the traditional school paths. Language teachers will be provided with didactic and methodological tools and will be trained to improve their skills when working with people with learning difficulties.
The IRENE project intends to fill the knowledge gaps through the production of three main outputs:
– Comparative research of existing teaching methodologies in the partner countries.
– Didactic approach introducing a model to develop learning content and guidelines.
– E-learning platform offering playful and stimulating modes for language learning. The platform will be structured in four separate sections: pronunciation; study; exploration and learning together.